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Jurisdiction Bulgaria

Bulgaria has been a member of the EU since 2007. It is not an offshore zone in the classical sense. However, the existing legislation in the country makes the work of companies, including those from the forex market sector, very profitable. And sometimes, the registration of a company in this jurisdiction is more profitable than in some offshore.

The main advantages of registering a company in Bulgaria

  1. The country is a full member of the EU, therefore a company registered here can work with the entire European Union and use all the possibilities of the EU.
  2. The minimum corporate tax (income tax) rate for the EU is 10%.
  3. There is absolutely no negative image inherent in any offshore zone. This is a very significant advantage, which more than covers such a disadvantage (from the point of view of classical offshore companies), such as a 10% tax. After all, a company registered in Bulgaria is incomparably more credible than a company under the jurisdiction of an offshore. And this is a large influx of customers. In a situation with a forex broker, there is a greater influx of traders.
  4. Small amount of the authorized capital. And for companies with the organizational form of LLC (limited liability company), the minimum amount of the authorized capital is 1 euro.
  5. Relatively low registration costs. The annual state fee is 30 euros.
  6. The director and shareholders may have any residency. Director – only an individual, shareholders – individuals and legal entities.
  7. Low office requirements. It can also be in a residential apartment, which significantly reduces the cost of its maintenance.
  8. A bank account can be arranged at any European bank. True, one account must be in a Bulgarian bank.

But it should be understood that Bulgaria is Europe, therefore, the requirements for financial control in it are much stricter than in any offshore:

  • it is necessary to submit monthly reports under the established form;
  • be audited under the established procedure;
  • a license is required to conduct brokerage activities;
  • information on the director and shareholders of the company is available to third parties (open register);
  • it is necessary to translate official documents into Bulgarian – a rare language, therefore, increased translation costs;
  • full-time presence is required to open a bank account;
  • to register a company, all shareholders must be present in person, but remote registration by proxy under an install is possible.

Registration of a broker in Bulgaria by 321Broker

To register, we need the following, notarized copies:

  • passports (foreign and domestic) and confirmed addresses of the director and shareholders;
  • phone numbers and email of these persons;
  • a detailed description of the company’s activities and a mandatory sign of the origin of the funds that will create and operate the company;
  • bank statement of the director and shareholders;
  • three variants of the name of the company.

Registration of a brokerage company in the jurisdiction of Bulgaria takes 3-4 weeks.

Our company 321Broker, besides registering a brokerage company, offers its turnkey creation:

  • check in;
  • getting a license;
  • creation of a technical base – a site with the necessary tool (connection to the trading platform and liquidity providers, with traders’ personal accounts, etc.), CRM for working with traders.

We guarantee efficiency, confidentiality, favorable prices.

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