Jurisdiction of Belize

Belize is a small state in Central America bordering Mexico in the north. A constitutional monarchy. It is considered a classic offshore jurisdiction, one of the most famous.

Advantages and disadvantages of registering a company in Belize

Registration of two types of companies is possible in Belize:

  • IBC is an international business company;
  • LLC is a limited liability company.

The main advantages of this jurisdiction:

  1. No taxes (a real tax haven).
  2. Low costs of registering a company and its maintenance, one of the lowest, if not the lowest among offshore jurisdictions. A non-resident can open a company for 500 USD, and for a renewal of registration – 300 USD per year. The authorities will not be interested in the type of activity of the company, its turnover and the amount of capital.
  3. Fast and easy legal registration of the company.
  4. To open a company, only one director is required (the option of a corporate director is possible) and one owner, it is also permissible that he will be a legal entity.
  5. High confidentiality. Regardless of whether the company is IBC or LLC, only its name is in the public register. The rest of the information about her is not publicly available. Belize does not have government agreements on transferring data to any of the CIS countries.
  6. There are no requirements for public reporting and auditing.
  7. It is possible to work without a physical office in the country, the local office address will only be nominal.

There is only one drawback of the Belize offshore jurisdiction – low trust in the companies that are registered in it. The jurisdiction of Belize is only partially compliant with the OECD requirement. Therefore, a corporate account cannot be opened in well-known European banks. But there are six international banks in Belize, where it is possible to open an account, while remotely.

Features of registration of forex companies in Belize

International companies providing financial services in Belize are controlled by IFSC (International Financial Services Commission). One of its requirements is the availability of licenses for each type of service. In particular, a forex broker requires one of the following licenses:

  • for currency trading;
  • for trading stocks, options, futures and other securities;
  • to provide consulting and brokerage services.

To get one license of a forex broker, there are requirements for the amount of the minimum authorized capital – USD 100,000, plus an annual license renewal – USD 5,000. The bank’s authorized capital is blocked for the duration of the company.

A brokerage company, besides having a license, must also meet certain requirements:

  • availability of a business plan for 5 years, a description of the company’s internal policy in money laundering and verification of clients (traders);
  • the director of the company must have relevant knowledge and experience in finance;
  • It is prohibited to conduct financial activities with residents of Belize, with the exception of banks and state-owned companies.

Registration of a company obtaining a license in Belize with the help of 321Broker

321Broker has 10 years of experience in setting up turnkey brokerage companies. This service includes:

  1. Registration of a brokerage company offshore Belize.
  2. Getting a license to conduct forex activities.
  3. Providing a technical base – creating a website with personal accounts of traders, connecting to a trading platform and payment systems; introduction of CRM.

To register a company, you need to submit the following documents to us:

  • memorandum of association;
  • company’s stamp;
  • minutes of the meeting of directors;
  • registration certificate.

Registration period is 2 weeks.

To get a license, you must additionally provide:

  • application for a license (notarization);
  • biography of the director and owner (shareholder) of the company;
  • a copy of the passport, proof of address of residence and an extract from the bank for the director and shareholders (notarization);
  • resume of the director and each shareholder;
  • business plan.

If necessary, our specialists will help in creating the documents.
321Broker guarantees efficiency, legal impeccability of obtaining registration and licenses, competitive prices.

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